Multi-Conveyor LLC was presented with the ACUITY Safety Award for businesses that exemplify the partnership with ACUITY that helps ensure a safe work place. The plaque was presented by Chad Kaster, Loss Control Representative at ACUITY, to Joe Miller, COO, Multi-Conveyor.

According to ACUITY, only a handful of their manufacturing customers quality for this award due to the stringent selection criterion. Key elements include management commitment to safety; safety best practice implementation; and low claim frequency and severity rates. It is difficult for most manufacturing companies to qualify an initial award, much less have repetitive, year-after-year recognitions.

“The ACUITY Safety Award is a small testament to the commitment our employees practice in overall work ethics and safety principles. Our team continues their dedication to the programs we’ve put in place, while adapting to new CDC COVID guidelines as mandated and ever-changes in 2020,” explains Miller. He continues, “Workplace safety hazards are subject to continual modifications in our industry. Our projects require a great deal of skill and effort, put forth by our Safety Team, to identify and react to new situations on a continual basis."

Factors that qualified Multi-Conveyor for this award include absolute minimal employee loss-time accidents, a meticulous working environment, and a genuine concern for the well-being of their employees. Multi-Conveyor's safety record also contributed towards an excellent EMR (Experience Modification Rate), a rating used by the insurance industry to determine worker’s compensation rates.   

At Multi-Conveyor, safety is taught to every employee working on the manufacturing floor or in the offices of the entire 60,000 sq. ft. facility.

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