Viral Sign applies advanced screening science to help healthcare providers, manufacturers, and other enterprise organizations create site-safe work environments for employees, customers, and visitors.  It is the only screening system that is much more than body temperature, which the CDC states is a poor screener for Viruses. The artificial intelligence in Viral Sign equips client organizations to detect individuals infected with COVID-19 and other influenza-like illnesses (ILI) up to 6-7 days prior to the onset of fever/symptoms, this, the presymptomatic stage when so much spreading occurs. Viral Sign represents an important tool to help mitigate virus transmission in high-risk settings.

The Viral Sign algorithm leverages the power of infrared imaging to produce a comprehensive thermal signature of the face. In real-time, Viral Sign assesses the thermal signature across the regions of interest in the face to identify patterns consistent with early, presymptomatic influenza-like illness (ILI). The total time required for Viral Sign to capture the infrared image, evaluate the thermal signature, and provide a result is approximately three seconds.  The setup is simple/fast.

Viral Sign has been deployed into facilities and worksites in the U.S., South America, Middle East, and Europe. Since March of 2020, over 800,000 screens have been conducted using Viral Sign.  Invented in Brazil in 2005 for SARS, Viral-Sign is now available, since spring/2020, in North America and the U.S.

Viral Sign does not make a medical diagnosis, to be made by a licensed healthcare professional.  Viral-Sign screens, detects, flags individuals who are sick with a Virus as well as those who are not showing symptoms yet, but are spreading to others.  This keeps the Viral-Sign site, safe, healthy, and protected. 

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