First of all, I apologize that this newsletter is a day late. I live in the Atlanta area, and Tropical Storm Zeta decided to knock out my power and Internet connection for most of yesterday. Fortunately, all my trees are still standing, and I’ll take a delayed newsletter over a birth tree in my living room any day.

The delay of the extra day beings us one day closer to VOTING DAY. Yes, that seems worthy of all-caps. Tuesday, November 3, is an important day for everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Many people, myself included, have voted already. But for others, voting on November 3 is their plan.

Are you doing anything to help promote the vote? If your employees haven’t voted already, are you able to give them extra time at lunch to go out and vote? Yes, something like this does cut into productivity. But there are times when productivity has to take a back seat to matters of national interest. Every vote matters, and if you’re in the position to help more people vote, please take it.

If you run a retail store, are you doing anything to share the excitement with your customers? While it may be late for this year, you may consider offering some kind of treat for anyone who comes to your store with an “I voted” sticker. Maybe you can offer them a free snack stick or a hot dog if they show they’ve voted. Break out all the red, white and blue decorations you use for the July 4th holiday. Put up campaign signs promoting something like “Burgers & Fries 2020.” Create a special blueberry bratwurst and red-hot sausage and see which one generates the most sales. Let your customers know that you’re treating this as a special day, and you improve the odds that your shop will be their next destination after they perform their civic duty.

No matter what you do, make sure that you are welcoming of all voters. There has been enough partisan hatred spewed over the last few years. We need to get back to a modicum of civility in our politics. Your customers are both Republicans and Democrats, and both sides eat meat. Make Election Day a fun and welcoming event for everyone.

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