Pepperoni manufacturers looking to increase their plant throughput to meet the increase in demand for this popular pizza topping amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, should consider Essentia Protein Solutions P1302 Spray-Dried Premium Natural Pork Stock. This 100% natural, non-allergenic pork stock is derived from cooking pork bones with adhering meat. The high protein, label-friendly ingredient provides several key benefits that can help pepperoni manufacturers increase their plant throughput.

Formulating with Essentia’s high protein pork stock (P1302), can increase yields and decrease drying times in pepperoni and other dry sausage products. Using a high protein powder such as Essentia’s pork stock, in a formerly patented process, allows for pepperoni and dry sausage to reach final moisture protein ratio (MPR) with higher protein and moisture values which equates to higher yield. Having higher protein also means you can hit your target MPR faster which can mean decreased drying times. The combination of shorter drying time and higher yields results in more pepperoni or dry sausage moving through your plant.

“Adding dried pork stock is an easy and label friendly way to bump up protein levels without drastically changing your lean and fat meat block,” said Pat Hosch, Meat Applications Research Manager at Essentia Protein Solutions.

P1302 Pork Stock is just one of Essentia’s multi-species line of stocks, broths, and flavors (also available in beef, chicken, and turkey). These clean-label proteins are utilized in not only meat applications like pepperoni, hot dogs, sausages and meat snacks but also in food and savory applications like soups, sauces, gravies, prepared foods and nutritional products.

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