EPIC has debuted its first bar made from beef raised using practices to reduce carbon emissions. The EPIC Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar is the first bar to bear Savory Institute's Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Seal, underscoring EPIC’s commitment to advancing regenerative farming practices.   

The seal illustrates that the beef in this product was raised using regenerative farming practices that improve soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function. The beef used to make the new bar is sourced from White Oak Pastures, which offsets 80% of its greenhouse gas emissions through regenerating soil practices. 

“At EPIC, it is our mission to improve the current agricultural system,” said Steve Rosenzweig, PhD and Senior Soil Scientist at General Mills. “EPIC’s new EOV Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar demonstrates General Mills’ pledge to drive positive change in our food system and ensure a sustainable future.”   

EPIC’s Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar gives consumers a way to support farmers working to reduce carbon emissions and a reason to learn about improving soil health and sequestering carbon. The EOV seal allows consumers to select products that were produced with meat or other ingredients that were raised on land with verified ecological outcomes. 

“As consumers, every purchase we make is a statement about the causes we want to support,” said Kate Herbert, Senior Manager, Brand Experience at EPIC. “It’s time we ignite a conversation around climate change and “talk dirty” about improving soil health, revitalizing our land, and protecting human health for generations to come.”   

 “EPIC is Land to Market’s oldest brand partner and it is so exciting to continue to collaborate with them as part of our shared mission to scale up regenerative agriculture.” said Chris Kerston, co-leader of Savory Institute’s Land to Market program. “Regenerative agriculture is about improving soil health, sequestering carbon, increasing water tables, and fostering biodiversity. This product is part of a movement that’s cultivating a new era of food democracy - allowing consumers to truly connect with environmental outcomes like never before.”  

EPIC’s Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar is available exclusively at Whole Foods and the EPIC Provisions website, retailing for $2.99 MSRP each. For more information, visit https://epicprovisions.com/.   

Source: Epic Provisions