Linde announced the launch of Linde Green, a new product line of atmospheric gases produced with 100% renewable energy.

The Linde Green portfolio includes low-carbon liquified oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Instead of using conventional power during the energy-intensive air separation process, Linde will be solely using certified carbon-free sources, such as wind, hydro-electric, and solar, at select locations in Europe and in the U.S.

“Linde is proud to offer an atmospheric product line of industrial gases produced with zero-carbon electricity that will help our customers improve the environmental footprint of their supply chains.” said Andrew Sarantapoulas, Vice President of Sales & Business Management. “Furthermore, finding new opportunities to integrate renewable energy into our production processes accelerates Linde’s efforts to lower its greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2028.”

Over a third of all electrical energy procured by Linde, on a global basis, is sourced from low-carbon and renewable power.

For more information visit Linde Green – Atmospheric Gases.