Nolan Ryan Brands (NRB) announced Cody Marburger has been promoted to the office of president of the Round Rock-based company. Marburger has served as NRB’s chief operating officer and vice president of operations since April 2017.

“Cody deserves a lot of the credit for the success we’ve experienced over the past five years,” said Nolan Ryan Brands CEO Perry Coughlin. “He knows every facet of this company, from operations to marketing, and he’s a true leader—calm and cool, a problem-solver and a confident, pragmatic decisionmaker. Looking ahead, Cody is laser-focused on expanding Nolan Ryan Brands’ capabilities, streamlining its operations and growing the company responsibly over the next three to five years.”

In June 2020, NRB launched its first direct to consumer retail component—Goodstock By Nolan Ryan, a boutique butcher shop in Round Rock. The company went on to launch its e-commerce platform in October 2020, which allows online customers nationwide to purchase Goodstock By Nolan Ryan Black Label (U.S.D.A. Prime) or Angus (U.S.D.A. Choice) beef, including ribeye steaks, strip steaks, filets, brisket and ground chuck.

“It’s an honor to be at the helm of a company that has forged its path as a Texas legacy brand,” said Marburger. “In my role as president, I look forward to continuing to achieve our aggressive growth goals and expanding Nolan Ryan Brands’ presence on a national scale. Despite the challenges presented this year by the pandemic, we have surpassed our expectations of launching a new brand and move into this new chapter with our sights set even higher.”

The Goodstock By Nolan Ryan retail store is an 1,800 square-foot, full-service boutique butcher shop located at 3800 East Palm Valley Road, Suite 100, in Round Rock. Billed as a “destination store” and designed to be engaging, Goodstock welcomes customers with Texas hospitality and offers an array of custom products that promote the state’s culture. The fresh meat case is the centerpiece of the store, where an expert butcher stands ready to chat with customers; educate them on meat selection, preparation and grilling; and custom-cut any product in the meat case to their specifications.

“We want people to have the best eating experience possible, so after they bring home a great cut of beef, we want them to feel confident about how to prepare, cook, and serve it to friends and family,” said Marburger.

The Goodstock and Nolan Ryan Beef brands are about more than just offering fine quality and great flavor; it is also about doing what’s right for NRB customers and livestock. All cattle that go into our programs are treated with respect, raised, fed and harvested using only the highest ethical standards. The company goes to great lengths to source quality ingredients and maintain strong relationships with Texas-centric partners who share those values and standards.

Nolan Ryan Beef is the only beef company in Texas who markets U.S.D.A.-Certified Tender beef; guaranteed to be tender and juicy, with a money-back guarantee. The Goodstock store offers fresh and frozen custom cuts of two new Goodstock By Nolan Ryan-branded beef products: Goodstock Angus, an all-Texas Angus beef, widely known for its tenderness; and Goodstock Black Label, NRB’s highest quality U.S.D.A. Prime, typically served in high-end restaurants and hotels.

“I’m proud of everything we have done to grow and enhance the company over the past several years,” said Marburger. “As we continue to explore the potential of Nolan Ryan Brands we are committed to finding new and sustainable ways to meet our customers evolving needs and requests for new and innovative products.

Source: Nolan Ryan Brands