Birko, a leader in providing integrated sanitation solutions, has launched its new chlorinated foam cleaner, PoulChlor, for the poultry processing industry and beyond. The cost-effective, all-in-one solution contains detergents, chlorine and alkaline caustic for hard-to-clean areas.

“PoulChlor is a vital solution for the poultry industry,” said Brad Bray, senior formulation chemist at Birko. “Choosing the right sanitation chemistry is a necessity in fostering Category 1 status for processors and preventing Salmonella growth.”

The liquid, self-foaming formula can be utilized as a chlorinated cleaner for all equipment. After diluting 2-12 ounces of the solution in a gallon of water and applying the foam, the user should rinse the equipment thoroughly with potable water.

To learn more about PoulChlor, download the online technical data sheet. Visit for more information.