Coleman Natural Foods, a pioneer in all-natural beef, pork and poultry products, is introducing a line of premium ground pork sausage rolls in original and hot flavor profiles.

The sausage comes in the familiar 16-oz roll-style and, like all Coleman Natural Foods products, it is made with pork sourced from American Humane Certified family farms that raise their animals 100% crate free with no antibiotics or added hormones, ever. The original and hot flavors have all-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives.

Families are preparing as many as 21 meals per week at home, and they’re getting creative with the way they use various proteins. Though it is traditionally used for a breakfast protein, ground sausage can be used in pasta sauce or crumbled pizza toppings, and so much more!

Offered in convenient 6-count cases for optimal rotation, the product is sold frozen with the option for “slack and sell” merchandising.

Learn more about the Coleman Natural Premium Pork Sausage here.

Source: Coleman Natural Foods