Mettler-Toledo product inspection and food safety specialists will present a live webinar on April 28, 2021 at 1:00pm-2:00pm ET entitled Food Safety Masterclass.

Aimed at food manufacturers, the webinar will focus on how to control product quality and prevent physical contamination.

The estimated cost to food companies in the US for a product recall is an astounding $10 million. When costs associated with lost sales and brand damage are factored in, this can increase exponentially. Additionally, complying with increasingly stringent food safety regulations adds another challenge to manufacturers looking to improve food quality control without damaging profitability.  The session will cover:

  • The extent of food safety breaches
  • Different types of physical contamination
  • The importance of zero contamination
  • Six steps to preventing physical contamination
  • How top food safety trends impact manufacturers

Regardless of application or packaging type, our interactive live webinar will help prepare food manufacturers to safeguard their products, brands, and businesses against the repercussions of physical contamination.

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