The highest quality soft-grip, food-safe gripping solution just got even better, with exclusive new features and capabilities designed to open new doors for manufacturing automation.

The Soft Robotics team is committed to finding new, innovative ways to improve the quality of our gripper technologies. With the expansion of the mGrip, the company has incorporated new features to enhance grasp reliability, offer high-pressure washdown durability, and broaden industry applications—especially in the protein and dairy spaces.

  • IP69K Rating:  All food-grade mGrip grippers now maintain IP69K compliance allowing for high-pressure washdown to further prevent food-borne illnesses from stopping production.
  • Compact Finger Modules: New finger modules enable tighter grip spacing (down to 20mm) to pick even smaller objects.
  • Angled Tip Fingers: Designed specifically for picking meat, poultry patties, and bun products, the new Angle-Tipped fingers safely lift and grasp thin products from flat surfaces without damage.
  • Accessory Interface: Our new mGrip interface enables the easy addition of suction cups, part presence sensors, and other custom palms to increase grasp reliability for custom build tooling.

mGrip Adapters: Build custom grippers with a connecting interface, allowing you to utilize mGrip finger modules in custom end-of-arm tooling.

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