Detectamet stainless steel dispenser 225.jpgSimple solutions improve efficiency. The launch of the new stainless steel dispenser for buggy covers by Detectamet has given the food industry a simple and efficient way to handle, store and dispense the heavy rolls of covers onto the buggies.

This not only makes it easier and quicker to pull the covers over and onto the bins but it also protects the rolls from damage and contamination. “A worker will no longer have to struggle to lift the roll and remove the next cover” said Sean Smith Detectamet’s CEO “If the dispenser is mounted on a wall at the correct height the buggy can be wheeled adjacent to the dispenser and the next cover can be pulled straight over and positioned around the top.”

Made from high quality stainless steel, the dispenser will accept a roll of 250 covers. There are three pre-drilled points so that the dispenser can be wall mounted.  The fill level indicators on the sides allow the staff to see when the roll is about to end and the hinged lid can be quickly unlatched for a quick and easy refill.

The standard dispensers are made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel with special versions made to order in 316 Grade. “Steel buggies are used in areas where there is a lot of hustle and bustle” Sean explained “and this is where stainless steel comes into its own. The hygiene benefits are reinforced by the products excellent life cycle cost.”

The easy-clean design has room for a large capacity roll and so it doesn’t need re-filling as frequently. It can hold the rolls of either the 400 pound or 600 pound buggy covers.

The stainless steel can for example be laser engraved to identify the location or specified contents or the company identity. For example a specific dispenser may only carry red covers to indicate raw semi prepared content so engraving ‘RED’ on the lid. Detectamet has a complete range of detectable or non-detectable covers with a choice of four colours; red, green, blue or yellow. 

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