As a cultural icon for over 138 years, Oscar Mayer has always sparked smiles around people’s united love of meat. Today, for the first time in its history, Oscar Mayer is unveiling a cohesive new look and creative platform called “Keep It Oscar” to unite the brand’s entire portfolio of products under one image that reflects today’s consumers and is still loudly and proudly Oscar Mayer.

The refresh aims to bring the meats brand into a fresh, modern era that’s more inclusive, more subversive in bringing smiles to self-serious moments and more uncompromising of its joy-inducing spirit. Here’s a look at what’s changed: 

  • Updated logo and refreshed packaging designs that connects the portfolio by prominently featuring the brand’s iconic “never square” logo shape and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for the first time ever, from branding agency BrandOpus.
  • Bite-sized ads that feel like pop art GIFS to commercials that are under a new “Keep it Oscar” creative platform, from global advertising agency Johannes Leonardo. 
    • “Keep it Oscar” invites everyone to see the world through meat-colored glasses and take life less seriously by reimagining meat in playful, unexpected ways.
  • Four new TVC and OLV spots that break the molds of traditional media plans and feature TV’s first-ever debut of five-second ad buys:

Oscar Mayer’s new branding and creative builds on the company’s longstanding mission to spark smiles by subverting the seriousness of life.

“Oscar Mayer has been deeply ingrained in American culture since 1883, and while we’re proud of our history, we wanted to give consumers a more modern brand to engage with,” said Sergio Nahuz, President, Meal Foundations and Coffee, for Oscar Mayer. “But in doing so, it was important to stay true to what’s made this brand such an icon over the years – the ability to spark smiles. From a disruptive creative campaign, which reflects a wonderfully odd tone and breaks the molds of conventional CPG advertising, to new packaging design, which unites all of our high quality meats under one uncomplicated look, at every turn we’ll be sparking smiles and reminding consumers not to take life too seriously.”

“Our goal with this campaign was to help Oscar Mayer get back to the light-hearted approach that made it a beloved, iconic brand and modernize it for today's consumer,” added Rachel Frederick, Creative Director for Johannes Leonardo. “Keep it Oscar is an attitude and invitation to find the fun in life, born out of the smiles meat brings. Our quick hit, delightfully odd 'meat content' unites the OM portfolio, breaking away from traditional commercial advertising with almost no narratives or explanations and leaving the viewer with all of the humorous parts they crave. From slices of bacon doing the worm to a choir singing Yum on repeat, we hope that the work inspires unexpected smiles — a nod to what made the Oscar Mayer brand so magical in the first place.”

Source: Oscar Mayer