During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented lifestyle changes occurred at lightning speed, drastically impacting meat demand. As everyone begins to settle into what may be the new normal, meat buyers continue to evaluate demand with little data for comparison.

The new DecisionNext white paper evaluates two scenarios, including bone-in ribs purchases during the 2020 holiday season and a forward-looking scenario for the summer 2021 pork belly demand. Each scenario compares traditional buying techniques with DecisionNext platform.

DecisionNext lets users simulate market conditions to quickly create risk-aware forecasts. The platform combines machine learning with human expertise, allowing users to modify forecasts by entering opinions into scenarios. With this, DecisionNext mitigates some of the risk that comes with buying and selling a commodity with an expiration date.

Download a PDF of the white paper to learn more about how the DecisionNext platform performed in the scenarios compared to traditional buying methods. This game-changing platform provided prescriptive, risk-aware analytics based on machine learning artificial intelligence, plus expert insight.

For more information, visit www.DecisionNext.com.