Gilbert’s Craft Sausages, known for all-natural, antibiotic free, individually-wrapped, quality sausages, will offer two new chicken sausage flavors just in time for grilling season. Both Ancho Queso Chicken Sausage and Tuscan Recipe Chicken Sausage are a welcome addition as people look for stand out and easy menu items for outdoor gatherings and reunions this spring and summer.

The Ancho Queso Chicken Sausage brings a medley of bell peppers, ancho and poblano chiles, creamy Chihuahua-style cheese and lime zest. The new product will be a hit with those who like a little zip with their grill sessions or enjoy making quick tacos, bowls and other Mexican-inspired meals and snacks at home. It delivers 11 grams of protein per link and will be available at Target starting in May. 

With sun-soaked flavors of parmesan cheese and oregano, Tuscan Recipe Chicken Sausage offers an easy and sophisticated way for Italian cuisine lovers to add their favorite flavors to meal time. The new addition is perfect for any pasta, pizza or appetizer, brings 13 grams of protein per link and is now available at Harris Teeter, with additional retailers coming soon.

“Since we started almost 11 years ago, we’ve continued to strive for ongoing innovation, resulting in sausages unique in both flavor and quality. With this growth also comes new flavors like the Ancho Queso and Tuscan Recipe chicken sausages,” said Chris Salm, Founder and CEO of Gilbert’s Craft Sausages. “Our sausages are made using an industry-leading sous vide process to create a healthy offering that bring fun and fresh flavor to every meal.”

With four sausages per package, the new flavors join Gilbert’s existing line-up of eight delicious and unique chicken sausage options. Look for Gilbert’s Ancho Queso Chicken Sausage at Target (MSRP $4.29) and Tuscan Recipe Chicken Sausage (MSRP $5.99) at Harris Teeter. 

The company is also launching a brand campaign just in time for grilling season. “For Friendlier Taste” is an unexpected and lively campaign focused on a tone that’s true to the company’s fun-loving roots and sure to get people excited about sausage. Using custom-made puppets and a lot of colorful storytelling, Gilbert’s plans to wake up the category, one sausage sing-a-long at a time. In doing so, the brand will lend new world energy to an old world category, and invite everyone to see sausage in a new light.

Source: Gilbert’s Craft Sausages