US Foods Holding Corp. announced the national launch of Tender by Design, a revolutionary process by which frozen beef can now be just as high quality and tender as fresh. The proprietary Tender by Design process gives operators access to high-quality steaks year-round at a competitive price and allows for easier inventory and portion control to respond to the ebb and flow of restaurant traffic. Tender by Design is being introduced under the company’s well-known Stock Yards brand. The launch includes 6-, 8- and 10-ounce half-faced center cut choice top sirloin steaks and an 8-ounce baseball cut choice top sirloin steak.

“Unpredictability is a major challenge in the beef industry, and this is especially true in today’s market. Variance in the quality of beef driven by the time of year and pricing fluctuations hurt the bottom line and create unwanted pressures as operators aim to deliver consistent, high-quality steak offerings that attract and retain diners,” said David Poe, SVP, category management, US Foods. “With the launch of Tender by Design, US Foods solves these pain points with an exclusive process that brings tender, high-quality and competitively priced steaks to operators across the country year-round.”

The exclusive Tender by Design process starts with sourcing the beef when the climate and feed conditions are best. Then, the product is aged to standards that ensure optimum texture, tenderness and overall quality. The items are individually vacuum-packed to allow operators to use only as much as they need when they need it. Through a proprietary freezing technology, the beef is then frozen, locking in tenderness and freshness. Operators then temper as needed to align with their customer traffic, resulting in better inventory control.

Restaurateurs can learn about this new offering on the website at Here, operators can learn about the Tender by Design process and products, and view customer testimonials. The website also offers an augmented reality experience where restaurateurs can virtually step inside a restaurant owner’s kitchen via their mobile device and learn more about how Tender by Design is helping US Foods customers across the country achieve less pricing variability and more manageable portion cost.

Source: US Foods