Rancher's Prime LLC now delivering fresh imported Wagyu beef to America via private Japanese farms

Rancher's Prime LLC, a Texas-based platform that seeks out partnerships with the most elite network of ranchers in the world to source high-quality beef and pork, announced it has now secured a new import channel with Pursuit Farms, a leader in Japanese Wagyu for award-winning Kobe Wagyu and Olive Wagyu beef, straight from Japan.

While most companies import Wagyu and Kobe beef from Japan as frozen, Rancher's Prime has curated a deal in which the beef is flown directly into the United States, fresh.

"We're not in business to deliver subpar meat and steaks to our clients," said Carl Ratner, Co-Founder of Rancher's Prime, LLC. "The entire premise of our business is to raise the standard for meat in the United States, which is why we are constantly partnering with private farms that adhere to the strictest meat-raising standards in the world. We are in the game for ultimate perfection."

Rancher's Prime works with both Wagyu and Kobe beef farms, delivering the best steaks in the entire world to their partners.

Kobe beef, sourced from Tajima-Gyu cattle, is one of the finest and most strictly regulated beef cattle of all of the breeds in Japan. The cattle come from the Midwest of Japan and are associated with unparalleled superior quality and value. To ensure this quality is met in every single piece of Kobe beef, the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association oversees strict rules and regulations. If they are not met, the beef will not be certified.

Wagyu, like Kobe, contains fat marbling throughout the beef.

"Life is short – meat is meant to be a savory, heavenly experience that makes all of the hard work worth it," concluded Ratner.

Ratner is a born-and-raised Kansas country boy, turned meat aficionado and entrepreneur. Tired of eating subpar steaks at some of the 'best' steakhouses in the country, he realized the system was based on profit and quantity, not on the quality of the meat. He set out to change the rules, settling for nothing less than the best in the world of meat. Today, Ratner is redefining beef standards across the United States, and proving that we don't have to settle for mediocre cuts of meat when we sit down for a satisfying dinner in the evenings.

For more information, visit: https://ranchersprime.com/.

Source: Rancher’s Prime LLC