Belcampo, a California purveyor of sustainable meat with a number of retail stores and restaurants, is ending its branded product operations. Earlier this year, the company was embroiled in a scandal when it was revealed that the company was selling meat cuts from other purveyors and mis-labeling them as their own.

The company has posted the following message on its website: “It is with a mixture of sadness and pride that Belcampo is ending our branded e-commerce, retail and restaurant operations. We want to thank you for supporting our company. You inspired us to create products that were delicious and reflected a care for our global environment. We are grateful that you joined us on this journey.”

According to, co-CEO Gary Pemberton said in a statement that the company might continue to offer non-branded products through new distribution channels.

“The company’s supply chain, farm and processing facility are both best in class, and we hope that there are opportunities to collaborate with companies eager to provide consumers with meat products that meet those high standards,” Pemberton said.

Earlier this year, a former Belcampo butcher named Evan Reiner reported through Instagram that the company was mislabeling products from other companies, stating they were sustainable and organic when they were from other companies, or other countries in some cases. Belcampo co-founder Anya Fernald said that the store in Santa Monica did not follow protocols for sourcing products and failed to disclose their origin.

Source:, Belcampo