Saskatchewan Health Authority’s (SHA) Public Health Department has ordered Afro-Caribbean Meat Processor and Afro-Caribbean Warehouse, located at 325 - 20th St. West in Saskatoon, closed.

The SHA made the decision after public health inspectors visited the site on Dec. 15, 16 and 17 and found the majority of the food in the facility had been significantly contaminated by rodents. The SHA has seized all food and secured it within the facility. 

Afro-Caribbean Meat Processor and Afro-Caribbean Warehouse offer food for direct sale to the public. The businesses are also a source of food products for other establishments in Saskatchewan.

The SHA advises consumers and facility operators who have purchased products from this food store and warehouse:

  • To discard all foods that are in permeable packaging, and;
  • To thoroughly clean and sanitize all food products that are in intact, impermeable packaging. 
    • Wash all impermeable packaging with soap and water and sanitize using a solution of 15ml bleach to one litre of water before opening the packaging or consuming the contents.

Source: Saskatchewan Health Authority