Mission Barns has completed the first-ever scaled-up manufacturing run of a product containing cultivated meat with its Mission Chorizo Sausage. This Chorizo is a blend of Mission Fat and plant-protein that together deliver all the succulence, sizzle, and satisfaction you’d expect from a sausage but without the downsides common to conventional animal protein.

“We see it as the best of both worlds, where sustainability and deliciousness intersect,” said Eitan Fischer, CEO of Mission Barns. “And, this ground-breaking partnership and production run is an important milestone toward cultivated meat technology becoming a reality.”

Mission Barns cultivates its fat using a patented process to grow real animal cells without the animal. This process allows for the efficient production of meat in a far more sustainable and climate-friendly way than conventional animal agriculture.

This production run was the first in a newly signed partnership between Silva Sausage and Mission Barns. Silva, located in Gilroy, California, is well-known for gourmet products which are widely available at Costco, Whole Foods, Walmart, Safeway and many other retail and foodservice outlets, including Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers.

“Adding Mission Fat to plant-protein is a real game-changer,” said Fernando Martins, co-owner of Silva Sausage with his brother Rick Martins. “We’re proud and excited to be on the cutting edge of this sustainable new process.”

As part of the partnership, Mission Barns will utilize Silva Sausage’s 50,000 pounds per day production capacity, distribution network, packaging, and logistics to bring its products to market. The multi-year partnership involves Mission Barns and Silva Sausage conducting continuous scaled-up production runs. Silva Sausage is expanding its capacity to allow for growth in additional alternative protein product manufacturing.

“We were positively surprised to see the Mission Fat system scale up so successfully using commercial equipment, delivering top-notch functionality and flavor,” said Vineet Jindal, head of food science at Mission Barns.

Source: Mission Barns