Williams Sausage Company, Inc. based in Union City, Tennessee has purchased the remaining 50% interest in a joint venture with J.C. Potter Sausage Company from partner Atlantic Premium Brands.
Williams Sausage Company is a private family-owned company that has been in the pork sausage business since 1958.
“We are very excited about acquiring complete control of the joint venture with J.C. Potter Sausage Company, and we look forward to continuing the long tradition of producing the J. C. Potter brand of breakfast sausage and breakfast sandwiches that its customers have enjoyed for many years,” Roger Williams, the president of Williams Sausage, said.
Though Williams Sausage did not purchase the plant in Durant, OK, it did retain the entire sales force of the Potter operation. Dargan Settles, J.C. Potter Sales Manager, will continue to manage the J.C. Potter sales force that operates in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas.
“We intend to expand sales of J.C. Potter products in their existing territory as well as other areas of the central United States. We expect to deliver synergies and cost efficiencies by moving the production of all products to our plant in Tennessee,” Williams added.