ChopLocal has announced that Mark Putney has been hired as the director of business development for the Iowa-based company. Putney is an experienced farmer and project manager from Elgin, Iowa. He will be focused on expanding ChopLocal’s network of farmers and butcher shops in order to provide local meat to customers across the country.

Putney’s professional background includes positions related to Software as a Service (SaaS), project management and account management. He also has an extensive background in regenerative agriculture and has served on the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association’s board of directors since 2014.

Putney joins other members of ChopLocal’s leadership team: Chief Executive Officer Jared Achen and Chief Operating Officer Katie Olthoff.

“As ChopLocal has continued to grow, we needed a team member who understands agriculture and the challenges faced by livestock farmers and small processors,” says Achen. “Mark has a unique combination of agriculture and software expertise.”

ChopLocal, an online marketplace focused on helping farmers and butchers increase their direct-to-consumer sales, was founded by Achen and Olthoff in 2020.

“I have been fortunate enough to witness Mark’s leadership and problem-solving skills in action many times, and I’m excited to have him on board as a key member of our team,” says Olthoff. “Mark cares deeply about the success of livestock farmers and rural communities, and excels at getting to know people and finding solutions for their needs.”

“The American consumer has lost the connection to the farm and farmer. ChopLocal is the solution to reunite consumers with the best quality meat, raised by local farmers. I am excited to join the ChopLocal team and look forward to helping farmers and butchers connect to market-ready consumers and bring back more dollars to the farmgate,” says Putney.

Putney lives on a farm near Elgin, Iowa with his wife, Kari, and four children. He can be reached at or 515-326-5694.

Source: ChopLocal