Abbot's Butcher, the makers of premium plant-based meats, has announced it has received the Whole30 Approved® certification for its Ground "Beef" and "Chorizo" products. Those who follow the Whole30 program will have a versatile plant protein that fits seamlessly into everyday recipes. 

"We are proud of the Whole30 distinction and are excited to share this news with customers who are looking to add more plant-based meals in the new year," says Kerry Song, CEO of Abbot's Butcher. "Our plant-based meats are deeply flavorful. The Ground 'Beef' has a rich, umami flavor and meaty bite, while the 'Chorizo' is bursting with flavor from zesty chilies and a hint of smokiness. It's simply delicious food made with integrity."

Given the Whole30 Approved label, Abbot's Ground "Beef" and "Chorizo" products are 100 percent compatible with the guidelines of the Whole30 program and are now an official partner of Whole30. Completely allergen-friendly and free from any synthetic chemicals or additives, Abbot's Butcher's products are crafted from simple ingredients like pea protein, vegetables, herbs, spices, extra virgin olive oil, and vinegars.

"We're thrilled to have Abbot's Butcher as a part of our Whole30 family, and to offer their products as our first plant-based meats," said Melissa Urban, co-founder and CEO of the Whole30 program. "While those on plant-based or vegan diets will love these new Whole30 options, they are delicious enough for everyone—my whole family loved them!" 

From familiar favorites like Spaghetti Bolognese and "Chorizo" & Potato Enchiladas, to culinary innovations like "Beef" & Ginger Dumplings and "Chorizo" Paella, Abbot's Butcher's products set the stage for meals and cuisines of all types. It's the ideal way to start the new year, savoring plant-based food that you can feel good about and good after eating. For recipe ideas for the holiday season or the new year log onto Plant-Based Recipes - Abbot's Butcher.

Source: Abbot's Butcher