B&M Meats, a Philly cheesesteak manufacturer located in Wilmington, Del., has announced an $18 million expansion to its operations in the city. According to Delaware Business Times, the company is looking to hire about 70 additional employees at the existing plant while also investing $18 million to acquire 9.86 acres of land and develop a new 80,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, which would employ 120 workers.

The company is a subsidiary of New Jersey-based Wonder Meats. Wonder Meats Chief Financial Officer Chris Linteris said of the expansion, “We’ve done four expansions [on the current building] and we are now capped out, bursting at the seams, at that site of about 45,000 square feet.”

“As one of the largest Philly steak manufacturers in the country, we’re excited to grow our presence in the rapidly growing and vibrant Wilmington community,” added Steve Realbuto, president of Wonder Meats, in a statement. “With a strong pool of talent, supportive local and state government, and proximity to critical transportation routes, Delaware is a great place for a manufacturing company to do business.”

Source: Delaware Business Times