MycoTechnology Inc., through its brand Goodside Foods, is excited to announce the launch of its pantry staple meatless crumbles, which showcase the latest innovation in better-for-you, great-tasting plant protein powered by fermentation.

MycoTechnology’s Goodside Foods brand is on a mission to make plant-based eating easier and healthier for everyone with its new meatless crumbles that taste delicious and provide great nutrition with just three ingredients. The company’s signature product, Goodside Foods meatless crumbles, is a shelf-stable pantry staple that can be crafted into protein-rich meals by simply adding water, making plant-based eating easy for at-home cooks. 

Powered by MycoTechnology Inc.’s novel mushroom fermentation platform, Goodside Foods meatless crumbles contain a pea and rice protein blend fermented by shitake mushroom roots, or mycelia. This natural fermentation process makes the plant protein in these meatless crumbles tastier and easier to digest. 

“Goodside Foods meatless crumbles prove that consumers don’t have to compromise,” says Lisa Wetstone, director, innovation and growth strategy at MycoTechnology, Inc. “Consumers deserve plant-based protein that is delicious, clean AND nutritious. Our protein doesn’t contain anything extra or unnecessary—just three simple ingredients that can work for a thousand and more of your favorite recipes.”

Goodside Foods meatless crumbles are certified Kosher, Non-GMO, and Halal and contain no soy, and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. One 8.95 oz. bag of Goodside Foods meatless crumbles costs $10.99. One serving of Goodside Foods meatless crumbles provides 17g of protein and 90 calories, at only a dollar per generous helping.

Goodside Foods meatless crumbles can be ordered directly from the brand’s website and shipped to your door. For more information and to order, visit

Source: MycoTechnology Inc.