Charcuterie Artisans, parent company of the Daniele and Del Duca brands, has announced a major brand relaunch, consolidating its products under the Del Duca brand. Beginning this month, an updated Del Duca will be unveiled across the brand’s packaging, website, and social media.

Following more than a year-long deep-dive into understanding charcuterie consumers and why the category is exploding in popularity, the company is relaunching the unified Del Duca brand. The new brand platform is “Togetherness Food”—charcuterie for those who value time spent with loved ones and bringing people together over food, no matter the occasion. And it comes out of the brand’s historical reason for being. Being known as the approachable, high-quality, go-to food for gatherings is a position Del Duca believes can help differentiate itself from other brands in the category and appeal to suburban hosts.

Initially, the creative includes new packaging imagery, logo design and website development and reflects the use of new and fresher colors unique to the charcuterie category. It also utilizes a simpler font and distinctive imagery inspired by the Tuscan landscape, while also retaining the brand’s original medallion/ribbon. This preserves a sense of history, along with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each Del Duca product. In addition to the new look, all Del Duca products will be manufactured without using synthetic nitrates or nitrites.

“We’re excited to bring an updated look to this amazing brand. For over 50 years, consumers have been in love with our products. We want to remind them why and see them fall in love with our brand as well,” said Eric Schwartz-Johnson, Charcuterie Artisans’ CMO.

The redesigned brand website can be found here.

Source: Charcuterie Artisans