Florida Food Products (FFP) recently added a new Insights Report to the company’s website. The free download, titled "Harness the power of plants to clean up your processed meat labels," shares results of FFP’s latest proprietary consumer research.

“Our latest Insights Report is based on multiple sets of proprietary consumer research, that explored the consumer sentiment around both clean label and non-clean label prepared and packaged meats,” said Jenna Callahan, marketing coordinator, FFP. “This research really helps shed light on how consumers define clean label, which ingredients they view as artificial, which claims they are seeking on labels and the factors that affect purchases. We are excited to share this research and hope it will help our meat and poultry processing partners better identify opportunities in the market.”

With clean label ingredient sales projected to reach $51.1 billion by 2024 at 6.75% annual growth, and the potential for that figure to rise even higher due to how COVID-19 influenced the previous years’ purchasing patternsFFP has insights into how to drive greater packaged meat product sales.

FFP’s Insights Report is designed to help the meat and poultry industry learn more about what consumers are really craving and offers natural solutions that make it possible to create the cleaner label that many of them seek out. Proprietary consumer research highlights:

  • What consumers want from clean label meat products
  • What factors drive intent to purchase
  • What factors and ingredients reduce intent to purchase
  • Which benefits are consumers willing to pay more for
  • How you can improve the performance of meat products in a natural way

Ultimately consumers are seeking out meat products that offer value without artificial ingredients on the label. This presents an incredible opportunity for manufactures to capitalize on the higher profit margins for clean label meats versus conventional packaged meats.

“Many manufacturers want and need to compete in this clean label space yet struggle to find an alternative that delivers protection and performance results,” said Callahan. “VegStable Plus is an ideal natural alternative to undesirable ingredients that doesn’t compromise on protection or performance. Our easy-to-use, drop-in ingredient solution makes it possible to achieve a clean label while also creating a better overall eating experience with improved texture, juiciness, and flavor.”

VegStable Plus from FFP is a functional, natural solution that delivers optimal meat protection and performance. This plant-powered, clean label solution helps meat processors replace artificial and synthetic ingredients such as starches, gums, phosphates, and carrageenans. Key benefits include:

  • Enhances juiciness, flavor, and texture
  • Protects flavor while maintaining shelf life
  • Maintains yield
  • Labeled simply as ‘rice bran extract’

Download the full Insights Report here. Find out more about how FFP performance and protection solutions can help you deliver better natural meat products and gain market share over the competition at https://floridafood.com/protection

Source: Florida Food Products