Applegate Farms, LLC is giving its hot dogs a makeover just in time for grilling season. Fans of the brand can expect to taste elevated flavor and texture and see better packaging for all frankfurter varieties: beef, turkey, chicken, and beef and pork right before Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kickoff of summer and grilling season. 

"At Applegate, we are always looking for ways to improve the consumer experience—from taste to packaging," said Gina Gancheva, Applegate brand director. "The CLEANER WIENER hot dog is an Applegate signature, and while it's hard to improve on our classic recipe of beef, water, salt, and spices, we think consumers will be pleased with these changes.  It's all part of our mission—Changing The Meat We Eat."

Applegate worked with chefs and culinarians to enhance the flavor and texture of the hot dogs, while staying committed to using natural ingredients consumers can find in its kitchen.  APPLEGATE hot dogs are now hardwood-smoked instead of using liquid smoke, which gives the franks more depth in flavor and provide the skinless dogs with more "snap." The new recipe also includes a coarser grind for the meat, making the texture more artisanal. Finally, the use of vinegar helps balance out the richness of the hot dogs, particularly the 100% grass-fed beef, and when combined with baking soda, helps to naturally preserve the hot dogs and extend shelf life.

The new APPLEGATE hot dog will now contain 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in every package. The film material will also feature a matte finish, making it easier for consumers to read.

APPLEGATE hot dogs with the new recipe will roll out in stores during May and June at select major retailers and on Amazon. The hot dogs are free of gluten and the top nine allergens, contain no added sugar, and are a good source of protein.

Source: Applegate Farms, LLC