Now that it's officially summer, Americans nationwide are ready for one of their favorite activities: outdoor grilling. In fact, 76% of Americans plan to grill out more during the next six months, according to a new Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Omaha Steaks. America's "Original Butcher" surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults going into the summer season to better understand attitudes and anticipated behaviors towards grilling, cooking, buying, and eating meat.  

The results found eight in ten (79%) Americans enjoy outdoor BBQs with friends and family more than going out to a restaurant. Yet even as they are eager to grill, nearly half (48%) of Americans let fresh meat purchases go to waste, throwing out raw and fresh meat each month. In fact, Americans commonly waste between $11 and $50 monthly on raw and fresh meat that goes unconsumed. One solution, agreed on by eight in ten (78%) of Americans, is to stock their freezers with more high-quality meat.

"Flash-frozen quality meat ensures you are ready for on-the-go summers with kids, and any-size-guest-list BBQs with friends and family. Simply quick thaw only the meat you need to reduce or eliminate the waste," said Omaha Steaks executive chef David Rose. "It's a simple solution your favorite restaurants and chefs use, and home cooks can benefit from too."

Dinner made simple

Six in ten (62%) Americans don't know what they're having for dinner and seven in ten (73%) say they let their cravings decide what they'll eat. Yet, eight in ten (78%) agree a well-stocked freezer of meat would help them be more prepared when deciding what's for dinner.

Not only are consumers wasting money when they throw out fresh meats, but they're also wasting time spent at grocery stores picking out the perfect—at that time—meat, if their favorite cuts are available. Further, by the time most people realize their meat is going bad, it's too late to freeze it for later use because the peak freshness window recommended has expired. That's why six in ten (61%) of Americans agree high-quality meat, flash-frozen, is better than fresh meat that's been sitting out in supermarkets.

"It's not a surprise to see how many people let their raw or fresh meats go to waste on a regular basis," said Omaha Steaks CEO Todd Simon. "In the summer, plans and tastes change on a dime—one night you're grilling steaks for two, and the next, you're making hamburgers and hot dogs for a crowd. Omaha Steaks has over a century of grilling wisdom on how to make the most of the summer season. We offer guaranteed, convenient delivery of our highest quality meats, hand butchered and flash-frozen at peak freshness so Americans can get the ultimate enjoyment out of summer gatherings at a moment's notice, no matter how many hungry guests show up."

Some other key survey findings and attitudes include:

  • Stay in and grill. Most Americans cook dinner at home 4-5 nights per week, and 70% of Americans are looking forward to hosting more outdoor BBQs this summer.
  • Experimenting on the grill. Seven in ten Americans have difficulty choosing meat, with most struggling to decide what type of meat they're in the mood to eat. Nearly as many (66%) plan to grill different foods more this summer than in the past, and 63% of survey respondents agreed they enjoy experimenting with the latest grilling trends.
  • Grilling is America's pastime. 56% of Americans are passionate about grilling as a hobby. For most, the grilling atmosphere is their favorite part of the experience.
  • Nothing goes to waste. Nearly 6 in 10 (59%) Americans want to reduce the amount of fresh meat they waste due to spoilage, and 58% are interested in buying more high-quality frozen meat to reduce meat wasted.

Source: Omaha Steaks