PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS Chicken Tots was named a winner in the PEOPLE’s Food Awards 2022 as one of the Best Supermarket Products of the Year. The Chicken Tots took gold as best chicken product among testers who selected the “most delicious new foods in the grocery store.”

“The combo of white-meat chicken, cauliflower, chickpeas, cabbage, and potatoes covered in a crunchy panko coating made it a star with parents,” said PEOPLE editors, who sampled nearly 1,300 new products.

Chicken Tots are part of the PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS product lineup that also includes nuggets and tenders in the frozen foods section. PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS products blend PERDUE chicken with vegetables for ¼ cup of veggies per serving. Additionally, the PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS Chicken Tots boast nine grams of protein per serving.

“PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS Chicken Tots combine two of America’s favorite comfort foods, chicken nuggets and tater tots, into one delicious, bite-sized snack,” said Jon Swadley, vice president, marketing at Perdue Foods. “They’re a great way to get your protein and veggies all at once and are perfect for kids and today’s flexitarian families. All CHICKEN PLUS products are minimally processed and do not contain any artificial ingredients.”

The story will appear in the July 4 issue, on stands beginning June 24. You can see it online now.

Source: PERDUE