To help flexitarian consumers who are hungry for new ways to eat more vegetables without sacrificing flavor, Perdue Foodservice is introducing the first-of-its-kind PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS nuggets and patties blended with vegetables.

Perdue’s latest innovation, PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS blends plant-based ingredients you can pronounce, such as cauliflower and chickpeas, with no-antibiotics-ever white meat chicken that is 100% vegetarian fed with no animal by-products. Each serving of this next generation of fully cooked, frozen chicken products is complete with one-quarter cup (half a serving) of vegetables.

“PERDUE Chicken Nuggets have been a staple for families dining out for years, but we wanted to provide an easy way to round out the meal and help parents put an end to the common ‘eat your vegetables’ battle,” said Eric Christianson, chief marketing officer of Perdue Farms. “By blending plants and vegetables with the Perdue chicken families love, not only are we helping to provide a solution for millions of parents, but also appealing to the growing number of flexitarian consumers who have increased their commitment to getting more plants and vegetables in their diets, even when eating away from home. The better-for-you PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS portfolio isn’t just for kids – they’ll appeal to people of any age who are interested in eating more vegetables without sacrificing taste in the products they already love.”

In fact, 74 percent of people are looking to increase their vegetable intake1. With the addition of cauliflower and chickpeas, the new line of PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS features even more protein, plus fiber and B Vitamins.

PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS nuggets and patties are fully cooked and arrive frozen for added convenience. These on-trend chicken products are the perfect protein for menus as-is, or as an upsell in salads, pastas and more. To learn more about how PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS can elevate your menu, visit or contact your Broker for a demonstration.

For a limited time, operators can save $5 per case of PERDUE CHICKEN PLUS products, up to $1,000! Visit

Source: Perdue Foods