From the very first image of a slice of prosciutto carefully cut by an Italian salumiere to the display of a selection of Veroni's pre-sliced charcuterie packs, Veroni’s commercial highlights the excellence of the Italian cured meats and the great tradition passed down within the company’s family. Since July, the spot has been displayed at 1500 Broadway screen and it will last until Sept. 30. It will return from Oct. 13-16, during the 2022 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One. 

The spot collaborates the achievements of the Italian, family-owned cured meat producer, which in 2025 will blow out 100 candles. As shown by the H1 results, Veroni confirms its leadership as the first Italian brand of Luncheon Meat*. A record, already achieved by the end of 2021, can be summed up in a well-defined strategy: Currently, Veroni is the only producer to import cured meats made in Italy to the U.S. 

"It is so exciting to stroll in Times Square while looking up our ad that makes me relive the history of our family and its great passion: the art of charcuterie, which is inspired by the ancient recipes of the Emilia- Romagna region tradition," says Marco Veroni, president of Veroni USA. "With our efforts, we succeed to have a company that has firm roots in its history, while always keeping an eye on the future and successfully combining the excellence of made-in-Italy charcuterie tradition with the taste of US consumers”.

*(Source: IRI segment US Luncheon Meat).

Citi Open sponsorship 

From New York, the video spot of Veroni arrived in Washington, D.C., where it was displayed from July 30 to Aug. 7 during the Citi Open international tennis tournament on the ATP 500 circuit. As the official sponsor of Italian charcuterie at the Citi Open, Veroni’s logo was shown in the most strategic points at the Rock Creek Park Tennis Center: from the sideline banners at the Stadium Club — the VIP grandstand of the structure — to the Player Lounge, an exclusive space reserved for challenging champions. For this occasion, the Player Lounge was entirely branded by Veroni with images of charcuterie boards crafted with its best-selling products in the U.S.

During the days of the event, spectators and players were able to experience exclusive tasting experiences while enjoying the excellence of Veroni's charcuterie, between one match and another, both in the Player Lounge and in the VIP Stadium Club.  In addition, in the Grab & Go points of the sports center, Veroni products were available to tennis lovers thanks to the numerous sampling activities planned.

It's not the first time the Italian Food Valley brand has sponsored a top U.S. tennis tournament. In March, Veroni was one of the official sponsors at the Miami Open. Veroni's journey continued in Cincinnati, where from August 13-21 the company was a sponsor of the Western & Southern Open, one of only five premier events globally to host an ATP Masters 1000 and WTA 1000 tournament in the same week at the same venue.

At the Lindner Family Tennis Center, in addition to the presence of Veroni's logo strategically placed in a highly-visible location within the stadium, spectators and visitors were able to relax at the Veroni Lounge. This area, located within the stadium, aimed to be the temple of the "Italian aperitif," where fans could taste the excellent variety of curated meats paired with the Aperol Spritz.

The Veroni's spot 

Thanks to effective storytelling rich in historical images that date back to the first years of activity, the commercial traces the history of the Italian charcuterie company born in Correggio, a small town in the Emilia – the Romagna region. As the voiceover in the spot states, "from this land every day you bring to the table the unmistakable goodness of Veroni salami, mortadella, and hams … enclosed in a tray ". At the center of the narrative is the quality of Veroni deli meats that every day characterize the most convivial moments of the Italian way of life, such as the aperitif.

The spot was commissioned by Veroni's marketing team, led by Emanuela Bigi, the company's marketing manager in Italy and the US. The creative direction of the commercial is by Alessandro Romano and Marco Castori for the Milan-based MC2 agency, while the direction is by Tiziano Colucci for the e-motion production house. The strategy and planning of sponsorship and event activities are developed by Elena Guzzella, founder and CEO of the Milan-based DAG Communication agency, and by Alessia Biondaro, head of events and all media planning activities for Veroni in DAG.