NaturalShrimp, Inc., a biotechnology aquaculture company that has developed and patented the first shrimp-focused commercially operational RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System), is announcing its online ordering home delivery program and e-commerce website at will be launched on Dec. 9, 2022. A link to the online retail store is also available on the NaturalShrimp website at

NaturalShrimp’s Harvest-Select online retail store, launched just in time for the holiday season, is led by NaturalShrimp Chef and Director of e-commerce Douwe Iedema. Product availability includes fresh harvested heads-on shrimp and Chef Douwe’s long-awaited shrimp cocktail sauce. Unique NaturalShrimp sauces and spices, recipe books and instructional videos for the home cook will be available soon as well.

Customers visiting the website can build their box by selecting raw or cooked shrimp and choosing a sauce. Once the order is placed, NaturalShrimp humanely harvests, chill kills, and packages the order into containers with vacuum-sealed lids that are then plastic-sealed. The box is packed with gel packs and peanut foam to ensure quality-control and freshness. After the order has been packed, the “direct to your door” order is shipped out the same day anywhere within the continental U.S. The first orders are expected to be shipped on Dec. 12th.

The NaturalShrimp Distribution Center located within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas is completed, and the company is ready to receive and process its product for packaging and shipping for the online ordering home delivery program. In addition, the distribution center will make it possible to process thousands of pounds of shrimp not only for home delivery, but as a hub for pickup and delivery to local chefs.

“The decision to launch the new e-commerce program was driven by the ongoing demand for retail and direct-to-consumer sales of NaturalShrimp,” said Douwe Iedema. “The online platform offers our fresh, naturally grown shrimp and sauces, and was built with the capability to evolve with opportunities to provide our customers additional products such as pre-cooked shrimp, marinades, seasonings and other sauces, and perhaps eventually prepared meals. We are looking forward to exploring the multifaceted ways in which the home delivery program and e-commerce website will help drive our expansion strategy.”

Gerald Easterling, CEO of NaturalShrimp, added, “This launch creates a tremendous opportunity to further our mission to provide the freshest shrimp and seafood to local markets everywhere, with the ability to now deliver our product to customers across the country. This direct-to-consumer expansion diversifies and complements our commercial distribution strategy including our planned U.S. facility expansion, partnership with US Foods, South Texas area, and the continued success of our live shrimp sales program. We are highly focused on expanding our sales channels and geographic footprint as we continue our growth strategy.”

Source: NaturalShrimp, Inc.