BAK Food Equipment has announced the availability of the Spiral Bacon Smokehouse, a groundbreaking automated production line from Protech. The Spiral Bacon Smokehouse is a solution for meat processors who want to take their bacon production capabilities to a high level of product quality, improve yields and optimize labor.

The system features a linear combination of integrated technologies that transform bacon from raw pork belly into a seasoned, cooked and smoked product — from start to finish. It delivers in-line injection, optional liquid smoke drenching, drying, natural smoking, and freezing of pork bellies that are ready to press and slice. Finished product is consistent and uniform because every piece enters and exits the oven in the same position and at the same temperature, which is monitored and controlled throughout the cooking, smoking and freezing process.

“Spiral oven technology isn’t new to meat processing, but fully automated spiral oven cooking, smoking, and freezing technology specifically developed for smoked meats such as bacon is only available from Protech,” says John Bobak, founder and CEO of BAK Food Equipment. 

The patent-pending Spiral Bacon Smokehouse system is capable of cooking and freezing 8,800 pounds of product per hour. Furthermore, the fully integrated system requires no additional accessories or equipment, such as combs, smoke trollies or smoke sticks. It also incorporates clean-in-place technology for quick and easy sanitization.

The simple-to-operate system enables bacon processors to realize significant labor savings. Unlike traditional, manual bacon processing operations that can require dozens of employees, the Spiral Bacon Smokehouse needs only two people for full operation.

“Manual bacon processing operations may require forty or more employees to function,” Bobak explains. “But our automated solution requires just two people to fully operate.”

The Protech Spiral Bacon Smokehouse is now available from BAK Food Equipment and can be customized to meet specific applications.

Source: BAK Food Equipment