Andrew Thomas is a brand management executive who brings extensive experience to the meat snack brand’s team in driving profitable growth through a commercially focused, general management approach to marketing. As a seasoned leader, Thomas brings more than 15 years of experience in the CPG food industry growing profits and brand identity for both start-ups and large CPG brands alike, including Chicken of the Sea, Soylent, KeVita and more. 

Thomas is an entrepreneurial-minded marketing executive with a passion for spearheading teams that produce disruptive, trend-forward marketing and innovation strategies. Most recently, he held the role of vice president marketing at the protein-forward brand Wiled Chips, and prior served in the same role at global seafood company Chicken of the Sea. At Chicken of the Sea, Thomas served as a key senior team member, where he architected a marketing strategy centered on branding modernization, which improved profitability across the organization’s diverse portfolio. 

Beyond Thomas’ track record of growing and rebranding CPG companies, his entrepreneurial mindset to build businesses and creative, big-picture thinking are assets Country Archer is honored to have at the helm. Thomas has an uncanny ability to strategically create and innovate while maintaining a passion for building high-performing, highly engaged teams. Thomas is dedicated to creating lasting, positive change, and will continue to accelerate Country Archer’s mission of crafting nutritious meat snacks.

Source: Country Archer Provisions