Beef Logic Inc. is announcing that Dr. Kim Schwabenbauer, M.S., RDN, CSSD, will be joining the Build Your Base program team as an official consultant and national advisory council member. Schwabenbauer currently serves as the sport’s dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is an associate professor of exercise science at Penn West University- Clarion Campus. Whether she is working with professional athletes, everyday athletes or college students, Schwabenbauer believes that optimal performance can be achieved through a personalized approach to health and wellness.

As a nationally recognized nutrition expert, Schwabenbauer contributes to various media publications including Triathlete, Women’s Running, USA Football, Inside Triathlon, and more. She's also appeared on national television as a registered dietitian and coach for the hit TV show MTV “Made,” was a featured dietitian on Zonya’s Healthbites on PBS and has been highlighted on many local news affiliates as a dietitian expert. Schwabenbauer speaks nationally to executives, conference attendees and professional sports teams on nutrition, motivation and best practices to fuel busy lifestyles with an evidence-based approach that translates science into real-world experience. Schwabenbauer's personal research focuses on the male and female athlete triad and its impact on performance.

Schwabenbauer, a former professional triathlete, board certified specialist in sports dietetics, professional speaker, 15x Ironman finisher, 4x Ironman World Championship qualifier, ACSM personal trainer, U.S.A. Triathlon Level 1 coach and author, believes that nutrition isn’t just about eating. It’s about learning to thrive by choosing foods to nourish your body, life and soul, and that is why Suzy Geppert, Beef Logic executive director and Build Your Base program director believes she is the perfect fit for this program. “Kim’s passion and determination for not only athletes and their performance but also her commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families make Kim the ideal professional for this program. The program has always been about bringing the best to the table and she is one of the best.”

South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) developed the Build Your Base program alongside Sanford Health in 2018 and launched it onto the national scene at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials-Track and Field in 2021. The program, managed by Beef Logic Inc. on behalf of program partners, is currently being implemented by youth sport organizations, high school athletic programs, Division I and II collegiate athletic programs, professional athletes and adult sport organizations. 

Build Your Base and the Indoor Football League expanded partnership efforts in 2023 to deliver Game Time. This community-based initiative will extend the nutrition message to thousands of youth throughout the United States, and Schwabenbauer is excited about the community outreach component of the program. "Joining the Build Your Base program was a no-brainer. This endeavor is an exceptional way to help athletes, families and communities capitalize on all the synergies lean beef has to offer. Whether we are talking about a whole-foods perspective to building a performance plate, or the micronutrients all athletes need to optimize performance and recovery, lean beef is an excellent choice. I'm excited to continue to share this message and help promote good nutrition for life with the Build Your Base program."

The 2023–2024 application window for the program is now open and can be found at

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Source: Beef Logic Inc.