Heat and Control Inc., an equipment manufacturer and food/non-food processing industry supplier, has opened a new facility in Mexico. Nestled between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala, the Jalisco facility is the largest of the Heat and Control properties and is the head office for Mexico and Latin American operations. 

Heat and Control commenced operations in Mexico in 1985. The team has been integral to the growth of the food industry, helping to deliver processing technology that features improvements in production efficiency, sustainability, and reduced environmental impact to the global market. 

Food companies around the world will have increased opportunities to test Heat and Control equipment in the 38,793-square-feet demonstration center named in honor of founder Andy Caridis, who has been integral to the growth of the industry and operations in Mexico. The “Centro Tecnico Andy Caridis” includes access to inspection, packaging and six process production lines including Masa Maker, taco/tostada, and other food equipment. The new facility will significantly expand the company’s abilities to serve new and existing customers. 

“This new facility will benefit Heat and Control globally, provide additional support to our customers, and further reinforce our commitment to serving the industry,” said Tony Caridis, president of Heat and Control. 

The total operational size of 356,651 square feet includes a warehouse, manufacturing, R&D and demonstration center, and offices. The manufacturing and warehouse (M&W) footprint of 240,896 square feet takes Heat and Control’s global M&W warehouse capacity to over one million square feet. 

“Heat and Control has ten plants worldwide and we are now the largest,” said Arturo Lorenzana Guerrero, director, Heat and Control Mexico. “[This] fills us with a great sense of pride, and we look forward to sharing with the world opportunities the Guadalajara team can provide.” 

The new facility will assist customers in adopting processing technology that helps to reach their environmental goals with proven systems that reduce fuel costs, energy waste and water consumption. The Heat and Control Mexico facility also features new manufacturing technologies, such as the latest material automation machinery with fiber laser for cutting flat and tube material, water jet cutting equipment, deburring machines, and an 80-feet powder coating processing booth.

Source: Heat and Control Inc.