Kansas Protein Foods LLC is a manufacturer of high-quality plant-based proteins for the food industry. Built on a legacy of more than 50 years of product innovation, they produce cost-effective, textured soy protein products — all made from U.S. soybeans. Kansas Protein Foods LLC is a textured soy protein supplier who does the manufacturing and the flavoring of these products onsite in their Hutchinson, Kan., facility, which has received a Level 2 SQF certification.

Kansas Protein Foods' Imagic Plant-Based Smoky Breakfast Meat is a flavored ready-to-eat textured vegetable protein made from soy flour that has been formulated to resemble chewy, cooked smoky breakfast meat in flavor, aroma, texture and color. It is suited for a wide range of applications and food systems. The unique structure of the product enables it to hydrate and retain moisture in rigorous processing and cooking environments. Just add water or add “as is” and use it in a recipe.

Imagic Plant-Based Smoky Breakfast Meat is:

  • A halal, kosher and vegan product
  • Available in Strip Pieces
  • Mimics taste and texture of cooked smoky breakfast meat
  • A free-flowing, shelf stable product
  • A cost-effective, versatile meat replacement and/or extender solution
  • Suitable for food applications such as omelettes, bakery, pasta, potato cakes and breakfast items.

For more information about Kansas Protein Foods LLC's Imagic Plant-Based Smoky Breakfast Meat, or on any of their other plant-based proteins, contact Kansas Protein Foods LLC – ADM Nutrition at 800-835-5006 or info@ksprotein.net, or visit their website at www.kansasproteinfoods.com.

Source: Kansas Protein Foods LLC