To honor the company's 28th anniversary, Crescent Foods is planning its first-ever informational webinar — Protein Perfection: Unpacking the Power of Halal. The goal is to help retail and food business professionals understand what Halal means for the protein industry, how Crescent Foods operates and how products can be merchandised and marketed to maximize the Halal consumer.

Four of the company's top leaders will be sharing in the webinar, including:

  • Ibrahim Abed, vice president
  • Pete Eckes, vice president of business development
  • Huthyfah Abed, executive national sales director
  • Mike Ducharme, senior sales manager

"We are excited to bring our top leaders together to host our first webinar," said Amna Haq, Crescent Foods marketing & innovations director. "Halal has many attributes that appeal to today's health-conscious consumers. Information and education are key for food professionals to help shoppers get the proteins they are searching for."

The hope is that attendees will:

  1. Gain knowledge: Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Halal, what it is, who the consumers are, and why it matters to a business.
  2. Stay informed: The Halal industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the U.S. Learn how to best serve Halal consumers. By attending the Crescent Foods webinar, attendees can learn about Halal standards, certifications, distribution and more.
  3. Connect with industry experts: Attendees can connect with the panel of experts and gain valuable insights that can help in making more informed decisions.
  4. Discover new products: Crescent Foods will showcase new and innovative Halal products that will put attendees at the forefront in their industry and give them the competitive edge to increase incremental sales.

Since its inception in 1995, Crescent Foods has been working in the Halal protein industry. The company's team of experts will share their learnings from years of experience as well as current trends. The company is finding demand in almost every state and receives requests daily for stores to carry Halal products. To sign up for the webinar and get final dates and details, visit and click JOIN.

Source: Crescent Foods