Old Trapper announced their participation in the 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo, where they will be showcasing their variety of product formats of smoked beef snacks. Attendees of the Sweets & Snacks show held in Chicago at McCormick Place from May 22–25 are invited to come by Booth 10529 to meet with company representatives.

As the second-largest beef jerky brand in the world, Old Trapper’s commitment to providing customers with the highest-quality product at a fair price has been at the forefront of the brand’s mission for over 50 years. As interest in varying size formats has been expressed by customers, Old Trapper has answered by providing a variety of sizes including 3.25-ounce, 4-ounce, 10-ounce and 18-ounce bags of its beef jerky in four flavor varieties, as well as an 8-ounce bag of its zero-sugar beef jerky.

Old Trapper productsOld Trapper products. Photo courtesy of Old Trapper Smoked Products.


Old Trapper’s beef sticks also come in several sizes including single-serve 1.75-ounce sticks, a 15-ounce family size, and a 1.3-ounce combo beef and cheese option. All of Old Trapper’s products feature its signature clear packaging that lets customers see exactly what they are getting in terms of quality and quantity while maintaining freshness from the first to last bite.

“At Old Trapper, we stay consistent to our brand promise that we will pay attention to every detail from the production process to providing a wider variety of product formats and sizes to address what our customers are asking for,” said Robert Leary, chief marketing officer of Old Trapper. “As trends in the meat snack market evolve from simply enjoying beef jerky as a snack, to utilizing it as a meal replacement, and as on-the-go nutrition that doesn’t require refrigeration, it is important to us to provide a variety of sizes necessary to meet these needs. We also want our customers to see what they are getting in each Old Trapper bag and enable this with our signature clear packaging. We look forward to connecting with our retailers and industry colleagues at this year’s Sweets and Snacks show in Chicago.” 

Source: Old Trapper Smoked Products