The American-International Charolais Association is unveiling the new website, dedicated to informing consumers about Charolais-influenced beef.

The website provides comprehensive education on the Charolais breed of cattle, including information on its unique characteristics and benefits. It also features a directory of where consumers can find Charolais beef. Additionally, visitors can learn about Charolais producers' commitment to being stewards of the land. This initiative marks the initial phase of the AICA's strategy to drive consumer awareness and demand for Charolais genetics within retail and restaurant sectors.

“We’re excited to educate beef consumers, restaurants, and retailers about Charolais beef and what it brings to the table,” said Stacey Rincker, director of Charolais beef promotion. “This website is just the first step in introducing Charolais beef to the consumer market.” 

The AICA also launched social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, designed to speak directly to consumers about Charolais beef and reflecting the association's commitment to further solidify the market presence of Charolais genetics. 

“The Charolais breed brings a compelling story to consumers; one of stewardship and high-quality beef that we know today’s beef consumers demand,” said David Bisek, director of Charolais beef marketing.

Source: American-International Charolais Association