MIAMI – Burger King Holdings Inc. announced Tuesday that John Chidsey has been appointed as chairman and CEO of the nation’s second largest burger chain.
The company said in a statement that the appointment came after non-executive chairman Brian Swette resigned his position. Three members of the board of directors, David Bonderman, TPG Capital; Andrew Balson, Bain Capital Partners; and Adrian Jones, the Goldman Sachs Funds resigned their seats after their respective companies reduced their ownership of Burger king Corp. stock. Swette will continue as a board member.
The board appointed Chidsey as chairman and CEO effective on July 1.
"I am pleased and honored to now serve as BKC's chairman and CEO and I thank the board of directors for both their support and confidence,” said Chidsey. “I look forward to continuing to lead this great brand into the future, taking advantage of our vast growth opportunities.”