WASHINGTON – U.S. Deputy Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner announced Thursday that 20 individuals and businesses have been selected to receive $1.52 million in funds for renewable energy systems or to increase energy efficiency.

The funds will reportedly consist of loans and grants for farms and business operations. The money comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency program.

"This funding is part of USDA's ongoing effort to help farmers and businesses invest in technology that will improve their efficiency and their bottom line," Conner said. "Investments such as these help conserve energy as well as help small businesses."

Funding of individual recipients depends upon their meeting the conditions of the award agreement.

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency loan and grant program was established under Section 9006 of the 2002 Farm Bill to encourage agricultural producers and rural small businesses to install renewable energy systems and energy efficient improvements.


Source: USDA