NPPC sues over emissions rule

WASHINGTON – The National Pork Producers Council on Monday filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Agency’s decision to require livestock farms to file reports under the Environmental Protection and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA).

The organization also alleged that the EPA violated due process by no developing an adequate system to accept the reports.

“In sticking the agricultural community with this unworkable rule, EPA not only failed to provide any guidance to farmers on compliance with the new regulation or develop an adequate system to handle the volume of reports that would be filed, but it actively engaged in efforts that undermined the ability of farmers to comply with this new, stringent rule,” said NPPC President Bryan Black.

Under a rule issued in December, the EPA reportedly decided that large livestock farms would be required to file mandatory reports on air emissions by first making phone calls to their state and local emergency response authorities, then by filing a written notification of emissions estimates. The rule goes into effect on Jan. 20.

The lawsuit reportedly asks the court to enjoin EPA from enforcing the rule until the agency develops a system that will allow producers to comply.


Source: National Pork Producers Council

USPOULTRY extends deadline for clean water competition

ATLANTA – The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association said Monday that the deadline for the 2009 Clean Water Awards has been extended to Feb. 11.

The winners will be announced at USPOULTRY's Environmental Management Seminar in Nashville, Tenn., March 3 and 4.

"One of the things we've learned over the eight years of this award competition is that there are a number of great water treatment facilities in our industry with very dedicated staff," said John Starkey, USPOULTRY president. "They reclaim over 90 percent of the water we use to process poultry, and return it to the environment in a state fit for others to use and enjoy.”

There are reportedly two categories for the award: one for full treatment facilities and one for pretreatment facilities. Any USPOULTRY member company is eligible to submit one nominee in each category.

The group said that facilities which have previously won the award may not be re-nominated for five years.


Source: U.S. Poultry & Egg Association