Handtmann, Inc. is the leading solution provider of filling, portioning and linking equipment and control technology to sausage processing operations. Handtmann’s next generation of stuffing, linking and process control solutions deliver immediate efficiency and unmatched lifetime value for processors needing to control costs, eliminate waste, and maintain strict accountability over what are becoming ever more complex and demanding operations.

VF Series

The full range of Handtmann VF models delivers exact sizes and weights accurate to less than 1% with unmatched versatility for processors filling up to 30,000 lbs/hr in today’s new economy. One turn product flow, industry leading product accuracy, and hygienic ergonomic equipment design improve safety, increase labor efficiency, and offer exact control over product quality.

New HVF Deli Series

Deli Series models were specifically designed for best-of-breed turkey and ham whole muscle performance and dry sausage line efficiency. Consistent portioning control within 1% over the lifetime of the machine provides simple, efficient productivity with industry leading accuracy. The Deli Series controls product movement to eliminate air and reduce drying times, maintaining higher net weights and creating pore-free cutting surfaces with excellent color and a longer shelf life for cooked salami, dry sausage, summer sausage, pepperoni and snack stick products.

Paired Nozzle Continuous Stuffing Line

Handtmann has revolutionized the dual horn concept once again by integrating newly patented digital servo-electronic controls into its revolving head/paired nozzle linkers. This proven design “releases processors from their chains” and works seamlessly with Handmann’s new “sliding voider” design, ergonomic advances to the revolving stuffing head nozzles, and “autostop” burst-casing technology.

Automated Smoke Stick Loading Robotics

The Handtmann Automatic Smoke stick Transfer model (AST 340) replaces up to two workers per shift with higher reliability. It automatically deposits smoke sticks and loads sausage loops into smoke house trolleys, completing the industry’s most efficient and flexible smoked sausage solution that begins with Handtmann VF vacuum fillers and Handtmann’s Automatic Linking lines. AST robotics automatically load 5-6 sticks per minute and strip trolley changing time to a reliable 50 seconds on average.

Need to optimize your stuffing, linking, or process controls? Visit www.handtmann.com or call (847) 808-1100 for solutions with an immediate ROI.

FPSA & Process Expo

FPSA has taken another step to make certain that PROCESS EXPO 2011 as well as future shows will provide the highest quality experience for both exhibitors and attendees. The show has contracted with a company named ethnoMetrics, a leader in fact-based services in face-to-face marketing that offers traffic measurement, and an analysis of timing and attendee movements on the tradeshow floor. Individual exhibitors will be able to measure the effectiveness of their booth and personnel in drawing in and engaging customers who walk by their booth. There will be two upcoming seminars on ethnoMetrics, the first of which will be held on Friday, March 11, 2011 at the FPSA Annual Conference in Palm Desert, CA, while the second seminar will be held at the FPSA Annual Operations Conference in August in Chicago.

Process Expo 2011 will be held November 1-4, 2011. Attendee registration will open in January. For more information on all FPSA events go to www.fpsa.org