Allen Brothers chairman Bobby Hatoff was elected president of NAMP by the Board of Directors at its meeting last Wednesday before the Outlook Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz.

In his remarks at Saturday night’s President’s Ball, Hatoff expressed his appreciation and honored many of the friends in plant operations he has made during his career.

“I would like this honor to be the honor for all those who passed on knowledge and graciously gave of their time and friendship.” Hatoff said. “But for this, they may never be remembered. Some of these people I worked with every day.”

He noted that he was “fortunate to be the second NAMP President from Allen Brothers. Mel Salomon the first one and was an Angus Award recipient, and he still is a beloved confidante.

“Over the years I have met many of the past dedicated Presidents of NAMP and it is my hope along with the terrific gentlemen on our Executive Committee, and with the NAMP staff, that our years ahead will continue to be ones of friendship and success,” Hatoff said.

The Board also elected to one-year terms:
* Chairman of the Board: Gary Malenke of Sioux-Preme Pork Products
* Vice President:  Jeff Saval of Deli Brands of America
* Treasurer: Mike Satzow of North Country Smokehouse
* Assistant Treasurer: Tony Gahn Jr. of Gahn Meat Company

At the Annual Meeting on Saturday, NAMP members elected the following to the Board of Directors:

For the term expiring in 2011: Mike Gangel of Chad Co.; Deanna Hofing of VanHees Inc.; and Noel Reyes of Provimi de Puerto Rico Inc.

For the term expiring in 2012: John Fell of Advantage Packaging

For the term expiring in 2013: Andy Becker of Calumet Diversified Meats; Guenter Becker of TRIEF USA Inc.; Peter Bozzo of Chicago Meat Authority; Doug Bush of Bush Brothers Provisions; John Chlopek of CSB-System International Inc.; Jose Ramon Lozano of RYC Foods LLC; Don Macgregor of Macgregor’s Meat & Seafood Ltd.; Mark Mitchell of Broadleaf (USA) Inc.; Ray Parsons of Uncle Charlie’s Meats Inc.; Kent Seelig of Main Street Wholesale Meats; and Tim Vlcek of Vleck’s Fine Meats Inc.

Source: NAMP

FSIS issues revised directive on recall of meat and poultry products

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued Directive 8080.1, Revision 6: Recall of Meat and Poultry Products. This directive provides the terminology, responsibilities and public notification procedures regarding the voluntary recall of FSIS-inspected meat and poultry products. It replaces FSIS Directive 8080.1, Revision 5, dated November 17, 2008.

The only change is regarding Attachment 3: Effectiveness Checks. This change notifies establishments that FSIS will verify that “consignees are following the recalling firm’s instructions with regard to the recalled product, e.g., destruction or return.”

To view the directive, go to

Source: AMI

Analyst notes improvement of Pilgrim's Pride

BMO Capital Markets analyst Kenneth Zaslow said Pilgrim’s Pride’s underlying third-quarter results showed stronger profits in Mexico and gains from hedging on volatile feed costs. Zaslow raised his 2010 earnings per share estimates on the company to 65 cents from 47 cents, reports the Associated Press.

Zaslow said that he thinks the company “looks interesting, particularly in light of the severe negative sentiment across the protein industry” due to concerns about supply and higher feed costs. He believed that the company should see higher margins as it benefits from hedging its purchases of ingredients, as well as stable breast prices and rising leg prices. He also thinks it will expand production but at a slower pace than he had expected.

Source: AP, Businessweek

Bryan Foods introduces premium smoked sausage

Bryan Foods announced a new addition to its portfolio with the introduction of new Premium Smoked Sausage, made with only high-quality pork and beef and thinner in diameter than traditional smoked sausage.

Offered at a similar price point to existing Bryan products, Premium Smoked Sausage is available in two flavors – Original and Hot & Spicy – adding variety to the distinct Southern flavor and extensive Bryan portfolio that includes hot dogs, smoked sausage, cocktail smokies and lunchmeat.

“We’re excited to bring the new Premium Smoked Sausage to our consumers, giving families a new reason to fire up the grill and enjoy the bold new flavors from Bryan Foods,” said Kevin Philips, senior brand manager, Bryan Foods. “With its thin diameter, Premium Smoked Sausage is the perfect addition to any family gathering or grill-out, marrying the high-quality, pure taste of beef and pork that families in the South have loved for over 70 years.”

Source: Bryan Foods

Organic grass-fed beef enters pet food market

Original Pet Food Co. has launched a complete line of dog and cat meals made from organic, grass-fed beef.

"With the sustainable, organic, grass-fed beef revolution well underway, we believe it's high time for the same quality meats to make their way from the dinner plate to the pet bowl," said Melissa McGinnis, the host of hit web series Greenopolis TV and founder of Original Pet Food Co. McGinnis says she is on a mission to bring humane and sustainable agriculture practices to the $47 billion pet food industry and adds that pet food made from organic, grass-fed beef promotes better pet health, environmental responsibility and economic vitality.

Original Pet Food Co. uses grass-fed beef from Uruguay. Their cattle graze on the Pampas, the fertile grasslands of Uruguay and are never confined to feedlots or factory farms. The cows are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Slaughter is done with the highest humane standards. The meat is processed quickly and cooked only once for optimum flavor and nutrition. Synthetic colors or flavors are never added.

Source: Original Pet Food Co.