Operating in an economy that is “increasingly responding to dining convenience, and value, as well as good taste,” Landshire Sandwiches CEO and owner, Joe Trover Jr., says his company “is staying ahead of growing consumer demand for quick and tasty meals by continuously expanding his stable of Weber 402 slicers.

“The combination of Weber’s slicing speed and flexibility is perfect for our needs,” says Trover, whose St. Louis-based company has recently added a fourth and fifth Weber 402 to their processing operation, helping meet the steady 8-10 percent annual growth in unit sales, he reports.

“The Weber machines are significant upgrades to any slicing equipment we have previously owned,” Trover says. “The faster operating speed and Teflon-coated blades allow us to make perfect cuts that not only look better, but keep portions consistently on weight. That saves significant labor time when you are processing more than a million sandwiches each month.”

Trover also credits Weber technology with reducing product waste by as much as 50 percent, adding to Landshire’s profitability.

“The gripping system Weber designed helps us to minimize end piece waste and adds to the stability of the product being sliced. Presentations can be perfectly fit onto every bread, from 4-inch round buns to 12-inch subs, with every portion looking as good as the last,” he says. “The machine does most of the work and, taking those small chubs out of the equation, almost nothing is wasted.”

Sanitation is another area through which Trover says the Weber slicers have provided his production team a chance to accomplish higher quality in less time.

“Our staff is happy with the easy access and simple procedures,” he says. “And while the labor time we now save on clean-up is valuable and important, the peace of mind we earn from greater levels of hygienic operation is priceless.”

Having recently expanded sales into Louisiana and the Florida panhandle, Trover believes Landshire is poised for even greater growth.

“With busy consumers pressed for time and now looking harder than ever for dining value, sandwich sales nationwide have been steadily climbing.” he says. “We believe our ability to create perfect slices as thin as 0.5 mm provides a more flavorful sandwich with better texture and feel in the mouth.

“Ultimately, that drives growth, because consumers come back to the outlets where they can get a Landshire sandwich,” he concludes.