Mpac Langen’s innovation strategy, outlined earlier this year during the Mpac Group’s annual report, sets out the company’s vision to continue to remain at the pinnacle of packaging machinery and automation solutions excellence. The strategy will be crucial to how the company operates, both now and in the future, driving growth and cementing its reputation and position within the global packaging machinery market. Central to ensuring the strategy is completed in full is the company’s innovation and technology roadmap, outlining key steps that will lead to implementation.

“Our mission is to be a global leader of high-speed packaging solutions that are supported by a world class service programme,” highlights Tony Steels, CEO, Mpac Group plc. “Our innovation strategy means we are fully equipped to deliver market-leading solutions for our customers now, but with a firm focus on the solutions of the future.”

Delivering packaging machinery technologies that are innovative and future-proofed
By placing future-proofing as a key pillar of its innovation strategy, Mpac aims to ensure it is fully prepared to deal with both predicted and unpredicted changes in the ever-evolving markets in which its customers operate. 

“Through producing machines that are fully future-proofed and capable of responding to change, we are giving our customers a competitive advantage,” says Theo Rovers, Global Innovation Director, Mpac Langen. “Such capabilities will play a rapidly increasing role in the future of the packaging machinery industry and as a result it is vital that they are a leading aspect of our innovation strategy.”

In tandem with this, the strategy will also harness the enormous leap forward afforded by Industry 4.0. Having already debuted its Cartoner 4.0 concept last year, Mpac’s strategy takes advantage of the extension of internet connectivity beyond standard devices through the company’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) platform. This provides the ability to unlock the vast amount of data generated by a packaging machine when in operation, with this information able to then be tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The resulting benefits of this are increased machine uptime and enhanced operator usability.

“Industry 4.0 represents an enormous opportunity to maximise our predictive maintenance capabilities, something that is at the heart of our HMI platform. We are hugely excited by what this paradigm shift means for the packaging machinery industry and have designed a strategy that maximises its full potential for our customers. Moreover, we are also working on seeing these exciting product advances developed further alongside a fresh stream of innovations already in the pipeline,” continues Rovers.

An innovation strategy with people at its heart
Mpac will also continue to adopt a customer-centric approach to the design, delivery and manufacture of each packaging machinery and automation solution. 

“Capturing and then acting on the feedback and insights provided by our customers is essential to ensuring our machines continue to lead the global packaging machinery market. They rely on Mpac’s machines daily and so are ideally place to offer suggestions for future developments to our machines,” stresses Steels.

This approach is not limited to customers. The strategy will also see the entire Mpac Group seek to foster an environment that champions innovative thought and ensures employees are empowered enough to take calculated risks. In parallel with this, Mpac has established Centres of Excellence for primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging across the company’s manufacturing locations.

“These centres allow us to truly unleash the full creative potential of the united Mpac Group. By sharing knowledge and expertise in this way, we will be able to enhance our machine build and delivery and ensure peak operational effectiveness,” says Rovers.   

Evaluating and enhancing existing product offerings to support customer trends in key markets
Having established an environment in which innovation is championed, Mpac will then apply this to the company’s existing range of packaging machinery and automation solutions.

“We felt it was really important that the innovation strategy addressed the machines we already have as well as the machines we will develop going forward. In turn, our customers will then have access to the latest packaging machinery technologies, meaning they can stay ahead in their markets and sustain a competitive advantage,” states Rovers.

“The strategy as a whole means Mpac is ready to deliver world-class packaging machinery excellence now and in the future,” Steels concludes.