Company News

Plumrose USA has won the Dupont Silver Award for Innovation in Packaging. Plumrose’s Danola brand HFFS Slider Package with patented IntegraScore opening feature was selected for one of the competition’s most prestigious awards by a seven-member panel based on criteria that includes innovation, potential impact on both the food industry and consumers, breadth of application, and marketing innovation. The IntegraScore technology, developed by Curwood Inc., offers a hermetically sealed package with the proprietary scoring feature providing the further benefit of tamper-proofing the packaging.
Central Florida Foodservice has been formed by Michael G. Altif and Michael E. Strauss. Strauss has been a supplier to the food industry for more than 26 years, as co-founder of AEW North America Ltd. (now AEW THURNE Inc). Central Florida Foodservice operates a USDA-approved and inspected meat processing facility and serves the Central Florida market specializing in center-of-the-plate meat, poultry, and seafood products.
Umpqua Dairy Products of Oregon has chosen CSB-SYSTEM to provide them with an Enterprise Resource Planning system. The new system will be implemented in phases, starting with inventory management, sales, purchasing, and quality management. The second phase involves production planning, monitoring, and control. Soon after, a network of handheld devices will be employed by Umpqua’s 50 sales-drivers to streaming distribution and customer replenishment.
Bunzl Distribution has acquired TSN Inc., which distributes business supplies to convenience stores. Based in Fredrick, CO, with a second warehouse in Richmond, IN, the closely held TSN has $230 million in annual revenues.
DGI Specialty Foods, the specialty division of White Rose, has agreed to distribute La Briute Meals — the world’s first kosher self-heating, self-contained, single-portion, “go anywhere” meals — to supermarkets and groceries on the East Coast. La Briute comes equipped with a water-activated “flameless” self-heater that warms  up a hot meal in minutes. Six meals are currently available: Beef Stew Vegetables, Chicken Primavera with Noodles, Turkey and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Cheese Ravioli in Italian Tomato Sauce, Meatballs and Spaghetti, and Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage. All meals include a soup and snack, as well as all necessary utensils and condiments. The suggested retail price for each package is $7.99.
Infinity International, a provider of enterprise-wide quality control manufacturing solutions, has formed an OEM agreement with FMC FoodTech. The two companies will develop an OEM version of the InfinityQS SPC software adapted to the special needs of the food processing industry. The new product, LINK Process Analysis, will be available exclusively through FMC FoodTech for worldwide distribution.
With cooperation from 11 different suppliers, seven different states, and Canada, Urschel Laboratories was able to build a foundry on a green-field site in less than one year. At a cost of $3.5 million, the No-Bake Foundry incorporates the latest technology in molding, melting, and recycling. This foundry was built to allow Urschel to satisfy a global demand for a line of all stainless steel machinery. Other metals such as bronze and aluminum can also be poured in this facility.