Lamb lovers are being called on across the nation to turn on their stoves, grills and ovens, grab their cameras and submit pictures of cooked lamb for weekly prizes, courtesy of Superior Farms. The company hopes to show consumers a variety of delicious ways that lamb can be served and inspire them to cook lamb more at home.

“Spring is a great time to try lamb,” said John Cubiburu, California sheep rancher for Superior Farms. “It is the freshest, best product we have available. Age, environment and supply are why this seasonal product really stands out.”

Cuts of lamb in stores across the country will have on-pack labeling announcing the contest, which will be online at Online, radio and print advertising will also support the campaign. A third party will judge the entries and finalists will be judged by a team at Superior Farms. Five weekly winners will receive grill sets.

“This is a great, fun way for us to interact with our customers,” said Angela Gentry from Superior. “We want to be more engaged with them and see how they’re preparing different cuts. And we’ll be sharing the photos on an online gallery and on Facebook. We’re also providing easy recipes on our website so that people can try those too.”

The company recently introduced a cook-in-the-bag leg of lamb. Using new packaging technology, new flavors and demonstrations and samples across the country, the company aims to show that lamb is easy and delicious.

“We conducted focus groups, which gave us a lot of insight as to why shoppers are hesitant to pick up lamb. About a third of shoppers have never even tried it,” said Gary Pfeiffer, vice president of sales for Superior Farms. “So our flavor experts and packaging experts came together to give shoppers what they need – a fool-proof way to cook lamb. And as a traditional meal for Easter, there wasn’t a better time to launch the product.” 

The lamb legs, which weigh approximately 5 pounds, include a pop-up timer and are vacuum sealed in a bag that is ready to go in the oven. This method allows the cut to retain its moisture and marinate while it cooks, which keeps the meat tender and juicy.  An outer bag will be used for dynamic graphics, nutritional information and easy-to-follow cooking instructions. The flavor profile was kept simple and used classic ingredients for lamb, including rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper.

Source: Superior Farms